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ZPAV :: For music companies - myZPAV

  • registration of repertoire
  • administration of repertoire data
  • access to view the use of repertoire and settlement of due royalties

How to obtain access to myZPAV?

Access to the system is granted upon the producer’s authorisation. An authorised person is responsible for the management of repertoire data on behalf of the company and for technical and content-related cooperation with ZPAV on issues connected with royalty distribution.
Within one company up to 5 persons can be authorised to use the system. A login and a password to the system will be sent in an e-mail to the address indicated in the authorisation.

Repertoire registration

The recordings database is a key element of myZPAV. The registration of repertoire provides information on the rights to the recordings and, simultaneously, on due remuneration for the exploitation of these rights. Establishing the rightholders to particular phonograms and music videograms is the most important process of royalty distribution.

The repertoire can be registered either way:

  • directly – a user who has access to the system may add new phonograms and videograms,
  • through the import of data to the database – the operator at ZPAV will import the data to the system after having received repertoire data in an Excel sheet (according to a provided template).

Submission of repertoire data constitutes the basis for royalty payments. A relevant statement confirming the ownership of rights to the recordings should be submitted together with the repertoire.

In order to obtain necessary forms
please write to:
ZPAV - Nagroda Muzyczna Fryderyk
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